COACHING & consulting


Sheree Lavelle is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of healthcare operational management experience and a proven track record of coaching and Lean process improvement. Her coaching clients include both life coaching and executive coaching at all levels of management. She is recognized for her ability to cut through the confusion, assist clients in creating their action plan and provide the guidance and support to help them reach their goals. Want to learn more about how coaching can benefit you? Visit the library here. 

‚Äč"Whether you are going through a life transition, want to be more effective at work or make an improvement in your personal life, I can help you achieve your goals. We live in a busy world and often don't take the time to give serious thought to things we know we want to achieve, and they just go to the back burner. Coaching is a relationship with a trusted thought partner that serves to transition you from where you are to where you want to be. Most clients are amazed at what they can accomplish in just a couple months when they have the guidance, support and someone to keep them accountable to implement the plan."


Sheree Lavelle completed a two-year training track in Lean and was certified in Japan.  She went on to achieve a Black Belt in Six Sigma.  She was a leader and co-leader for many Lean implementation projects in the hospital and clinic settings.  Published in the book "Driving Operational Excellence" along with 24 other Lean experts in the country, her chapter on Proven Solutions for Success in Healthcare exemplifies her hands-on approach with a focus on the people-side. This book is available at Ms. Lavelle is available to consult on Lean direction, teaching, ideas, and project implementation.